About University:

The American Central University of California is an institution registered in the state of California, United States of America. It is one of the higher education styles and provides an ICT-based environment, e-learning and integrated education, which integrates direct education with technology, transfer and localization of leading knowledge in collaboration with universities, bodies and faculty both internally and globally, Academic quality, and awarding degrees in programs and disciplines suited to the needs of the labor market and in accordance with the requirements of development and lifelong learning and contribute to building the knowledge economy and society in the United States, America and the world.

Vision, mission and objectives:

Vision : A leading electronic university that actively contributes to building the economy and knowledge society and delivering the civilizational message. It is characterized by its flexibility, quality of output and meeting the needs of the labor market.

mission : An integrated electronic learning platform that integrates face-to-face attendance through its worldwide accredited offices and the presence of technology through the use of advanced technologies to provide advanced education and modernization to all segments of society, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and best global practices, and contribute In increasing the productive efficiency of higher education institutions.

Objectives :

  1. To be a global example and a home of expertise in its field of competence.
  2. Provide a flexible and distinctive high education model, which supports the skills of self - learning and the provision of information and other modern information skills, through a virtual environment more responsive to the requirements of comprehensive development and the labor market.
  3. Provide high education based on the best models of education based on applications and techniques of e - learning, and the transfer and resettlement of pioneering knowledge in collaboration with universities and international bodies and international faculty, with the content of education from many international sources.
  4. Support the message and concept of e-learning and lifelong learning throughout the world.